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Wethersfield George D. Ritchie Soccer Club

Referee Fees


Wethersfield League
Games Rates
Wethersfield Cup
Games Rates
U9-U10 $30/$20 n/a
U11-U12 $35/$25 $50/$30
U13-U14 $45/$30 $50/$30
U15+ $55/$40 $60/$40



  • Coaches are to pay referees at the conclusion of games using Club issued checks

  • If referees arrive at the field and the game is canceled or forfeited - they must be paid.

  • If an officiating crew (Center Referee and 2 Linesmen) is short-staffed, the working officials are paid their stated rate.  They do not split the fee for the missing official.

Cup Games

  • The Club’s policy for referee fees for cup games is to pay the higher of either Wethersfield’s travel league game fee or CJSA’s cup game fees.

  • The current CJSA referee rates for cup games are $50/$30 (U11-U14) and $60/$35 (U15+). The cup AR fee ($35) for U15+ is lower than Wethersfield league game AR fee ($40) for the same age bracket therefore the policy is to pay the league game AR fee ($40) for cup games too. That is reflected in the table above.

Policy Timeline

The policy for travel league game fees was established Spring 2016, and was updated with the inclusion of CJSA cup game referee fees Fall 2017.