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Items to do at Home if your child is looking to practice
by posted 10/20/2019



I’m posting this bulletin for your kids if they would like to practice some fundamentals at home such as the below.   If I see that they are doing all of the below at a level where I expect them all to be at we can focus our team practices on scrimmages and play in game.  I don’t want to waste a lot of our time on these below items (unless I have to) because it takes away the little time that we have together for practice.  Instead I’d like to focus on at our team practice getting open in space, finding the open man and making a pass to him, making runs, anticipating, making the correct passes and not just a pass, marking players, playing defense, free kicks, corners kicks,  etc.  These items below all the players need to get better at if we want to continue to grow.   Like anything the more practice (at 100% effort) the faster it will come.   Practice like you'd play a world cup final.  I always tell the kids how you practice and warm up is how you'll play in a game.  As you can see in the game yesterday, we get to the other team’s box (though I’d like to see more passing to get there) and have a hard time scoring.  If we could finish, we would be winning by a lot more I’m convinced.  Not that I want to embarrass the other team, but I like to see our kids hard work rewarded with a goal once in a while.  Either we don’t strike the ball correctly to get it in the goal, or we dribble too far ahead of ourselves or a pass is not in the correct location so the teammate can finish.  Any questions let me know.  See you later.  


ps please don’t practice in the house :).  And this is not mandatory just some extra help. 


Also, I’m working on items for the goalies


Any questions let me know.  See you later






Dribbling/Touches on the Ball/Close Control 







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Last document related to earlier email
by posted 09/08/2019

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Additional Document Related to earlier post
by posted 09/08/2019

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Post Game Notes
by posted 09/08/2019

Hello all 

I want to thank all that made the game yesterday.  I was really proud that the kids worked their tails off yesterday and in my opinion were an equal to Avon.  We were an equal and we played with 5 players that had a game earlier that day and we had all but a couple subs on a hot afternoon.  I realize the result may not represent that but in honesty we made the same mistake the entire game which gave them all their goals.  Not clearing the ball out from the middle of  our goal while under attack from the opposition.  Or passing the ball into the middle of the field from in our half of the field.  We will work on these issues.  Another issue resulting in our exhaustion is that the players have to work on finding the open man and staying in their position.  Making passes that affect the play and not making a pass just to make one (sometimes to nobody).  I attached these 3 documents which shows our current formation we are playing with.  Also in these documents I clouded where each position should be on the field depending on different points in the game.  Id like if you can share this with your kids so that they understand where for example a left midfield should be in a game.  If you look at the attached you'll see that the left mid is a black color oval and I clouded around that black oval where that player should be on the field depending on different situations in the match.  I want them to understand that a left mid belongs on the left side of the field and not the right side.  And that he must be involved in offense and defense.  I show all other postions and territory on the field as well for the 2-3-1 formation.  The faster they can understand the positions and what part of the field it will cover depending on the point in the game (we are attacking or defending, etc.) the faster we can see improvement.  If they understand the positions and the area it covers we don't have to waste practice time on this and we can work on other items.  Have a nice Sunday and let me know if you have any questions.



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